The usage of the EDL-Recorder in multicamera post-production for all systems enables faster, superior and more efficient post-production processes nowadays.

This device records live cuts & transitions and creates EDLs in multicamera-mode. The EDLs will be supplied in all common formats.

It is a lean solution for most of the existing problems in post-production.

Reliable I Future-Proof I Budget Conscious I Made in Germany.



The EDL–Recorder pro records also live cuts & transitions from the vision mixer and creates ready-made Edit Decision Lists in multicamera-mode for all common non-linear editing systems.

With EDL–REC pro you can still place live, freely-nameable markers in the EDL using handheld marker keypads.

Simply configure your EDL-REC pro on this Leitet Herunterladen der Datei einPDF.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions regarding the configuration.

Imagine you encounter sync problems during the ingest, or require other In / Outs of your EDLs. Your EDL-REC is already in use on another production kilometers far away.

Simply upload the EDL-REC day-archive data into your EDL-REC Cloud-Generator and generate the desired EDLs as if your recorder were right next to you.

We would be glad to make you a tailor-made proposal.

EDL-REC Marker

The EDL–REC® Markers allow up to 5 people (e.g. control room, production team, editorial staff, writer, assistant) to set freely-nameable markers in the EDL.

Usable in up to 200 m distance.

Our RJ45 adapters allow the use of existing network cables, too.

EDL-REC Marker-Distributor

Our passive distributor

1 x XLR 5 pin Connector (male)
6 x XLR 5 pin Connector (female)

EDL-REC Tally-Splitter

The EDL–REC® Splitters fit all D-sub outlets or can be integrated into the existing cabling. No need for studying wiring diagrams, re-wiring or soldering.