The use of Edit Decision List – Recorders in live multi-camera shoots allows faster, superior and more efficient post-production results.

EDL-REC’s devices record live cut & transition information to create accurate multi-camera mode EDLs. These EDLs are proven to work with all the major industry standard editing formats.

EDL-recording is an efficient solution for post-production of live events.

Reliable | Future-Proof | Budget Conscious | Made in Germany.

EDL-REC 19" 

Up to 34 EDL channels, 32 sources, 196 inputs, 19" 1 He, 3 years warranty, 10 years spare parts guarantee,
LCD display, redundant storage, UPS and much more offers our EDL-REC flagship.

EDL-REC pro 

The EDL-REC pro records live cuts & transitions from the vision mixer and creates ready-made Edit Decision Lists in multi-camera mode for all common non-linear editing systems.

With EDL-REC pro you can place live, markers into the EDL using hand-held marker-keypads using your own production names.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions regarding the configuration.

EDL-REC blk 

The EDL-REC blk is the compact entry-level model. It offers the high-quality build of the pro and 19" recorder, with up to 8 tally inputs, 10 export channels and the 10-year spare parts warranty. It also supports the hand-held marker-keypad option. The EDL-REC blk offers a cost effective way to try EDL recording.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions regarding the configuration.

EDL-REC Cloud-Generator

Imagine you encounter sync problems during the ingest, or require other In / Outs of your EDLs. Your EDL-REC is already in use on another live production.

Simply copy the day’s archive data from the EDL-REC into your EDL-REC Cloud-Generator and generate the desired EDLs as if your recorder were right next to you.

We would be pleased to tailor a proposal around your editor and setup.

EDL-REC Marker 

The EDL-REC Markers allow up to 5 people (e.g. control room, production team, editorial staff, writer, and assistant) to set freely-nameable markers (eg. good, bad, retake, no sound, …) in the EDL during the shoot. Usable at up to 200 m from EDL-REC.

The RJ45 adapters allow the use of existing network cables, too.

EDL-REC Marker-Splitter 

The passive splitters allow you to use more than two of the EDL-REC Marker keypads at the same time.

1 x XLR 5 pin Connector (male)
5 x XLR 5 pin Connector (female)

With the RJ45 version, you can use existing network cabling to distribute your hand-held marker-keypads.

1 x XLR 5 pin Connector (male)
5 x RJ45 Connector (female)

EDL-REC Tally-Splitter 

The EDL-REC Tally-Splitter fit all D-sub outlets or can be integrated into the existing cabling.

No need to study wiring diagrams, re-wire or solder, as the EDL-REC Tally-Splitter "Tees" each tally line, allowing our EDL-REC products to listen to each tally without affecting any other job it may be doing.

EDL-REC Studiorack 

extra compact (48.5 x 18 x 40 cm) includes:
19'' TFT | Dell P1914s | openable
19'' Touchpad-Keyboard | Cherry | pull-out
with space for up to 5 Marker-Keypads

EDL-REC Flightcase 

EDL-REC with Peli Case