Live Edit Decision List – Recorder

from Vision Mixer to Multicamera Post–production

The EDL-REC tracks multiple cameras and other production sources and records live cuts & transitions from the vision mixer, creating an Edit Decision List in multi-camera mode compatible with all the major non-linear editing systems.

This enables faster, superior and more efficient post-production.
Saving editing time and budgets.

The perfect solution for broadcasters doing multi-camera post-production with AVID Media Composer® ADOBE Premiere® or APPLE Final Cut®.

Increases quality – reduces costs.



  • Money

  • Time

  • Hassle



With its robust and future-proof technology, the EDL-Recorder meets all the requirements of the industry. It sets new standards for handling resources and video assets. In the long run the EDL-recorder method pays for itself again and again.

Yesterday's problems of multi-camera post-production are solved. Using EDL-REC’s technology, customers can save as much as 50% of their post-production time and associated budgets.

Productions are supported by EDL-REC’s extensive range of services, including production consulting, sales, rental services, training, and full backend support.



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