Edit Decision List – Recorder

The EDL-REC records live cuts & transitions from the vision mixer and creates ready-made Edit Decision Lists in multicamera-mode for all common non-linear editing systems.

This enables faster, superior and more efficient post-production. Up to 50 % editing time in the post-processing and accordingly budget can be saved.

The solution for broadcasters with multicamera post-production in AVID Media Composer® ADOBE Premiere® or APPLE Final Cut®.

Increases qualityreduces costs.

The broadcasting industry is in constant change. Growing and ubiquitous cost and rate pressure forms noticeably the industry.




  • Money

  • Time

  • Nerves



Equipped with a robust and future-proof technology, the EDL-Recorder meets all the high quality requirements of the industry. It sets new standards of the handling of resources and equipment. We offer quality that pays in the long run.

Yesterday's problems with post-production of multicamera systems are solved by now. By using this technology up to 50 % of processing time as well as budget can be saved.

The EDL-REC – is offering extensive services – consulting, sales, rental services and backend support of the system.




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