Sales, on demand, rental


EDL-REC sales

We sell or finance – tailored to your workflows and production infrastructure – the technically and economically appropriate configuration (inputs, channels and functions required) of your EDL-RECs including accessories.

We will advise you during the planning for permanent installation and / or mobile use. Installation, initial setup, introduction, support and maintenance - all from one source.

Demonstrations can be arranged on your productions – contact us.


EDL-REC on demand

Use the EDL-REC flexibly on demand.
With exact billing after recording days.

For example
12 month EDL-Recorder on site
10 recording day tickets for 24 hours
10 x 20 minutes telephone support

Also with delivery, installation and instruction.
Additional single tickets or packages available.
EDL exports and functional tests at any time without a ticket.

We submit you an individual offer – contact us.


EDL-REC rental

Of course, you can also rent the EDL-Recorder.

Before renting, we offer an introduction and arrangement for / with all departments. We clarify technical connectivity and file transfer stress-free in advance. We are happy to assist you personally with setup and removal, rehearsals and recordings, ingest and post production beginning. Telephone and / or remote support is also provided if required.

We advise you gladly – contact us.

Contact & Feedback

For any more questions, ideas and feedback guests are more than welcome to contact us and fill in our contact form.

Trade show

At the IBC in Amsterdam, we are regularly present in Hall 7 as an exhibitor.


With nearly 30 years of industry experience Steffen Köpp is head and heart of the EDL-REC GmbH. He has learned his knowledge from the bottom up. Growing up with the medium TV he has worked through all TV systems and formats, starting with a small tube camera OB Van, over Games technology in private and public broadcasters and open for 8K, HDR, HFR, …!

The development of the EDL-recorder began 2012 with …

30 years of expertise in software development, inter alia, in the fields of emergency medical, environmental measurement technology speak for themselves.

Operating system specialists - out with all common server systems.

Almost 40 years of experience with special models for television production - shows like 1978 Dalli-Dalli with Hans Rosenthal to today's well-known quiz shows appreciate this creative developments.

Innovative productions - from design and construction to production of our system in the field of housing technology.

Cutter and image engineers /-technicians for the continuous quality assurance of our EDL-RECs.