Advantages for a faster, superior and more efficient post-production:

• Compatible with AVID Media Composer® (Win/Mac)

• Adobe Premiere® (Win/Mac)

• Apple Final Cut 7®

• Grass Valley Edius®, Apple Final Cut X® and further formats on demand

• Independent of recording medium and format – Servers, disks, VTRs, field recorders, etc.

• Works on all vision mixers with tally-light outputs – 5-48 volts, relay and/or open-collector outputs with a common base

• Quick and straightforward to connect, easy to operate

• Quick and simple to configure

• Operated locally or via browser

• Devices available with 9, 18 or 32 channels (to expand these can be unlocked at any time)

• direct and immediately to the post

• Timecode-synchronous event recording accurate to under 1 ms

• All tally-light functions are being preserved

• 24 / 7 / 365 usage

• Technical reliability guaranteed thanks to internal redundant recording and UPS

• Trouble free use in rough (OB) day-to-day operation

• 3 years guarantee / service of a replacement device / 10 years availability of spare parts

• Requires no existing tally-light cabling e.g. for tally-light signals over Ethernet or for Flightcase MCRs

• future-proof technology

The transition from tapes to file-based recording has multicamera post-production in the last years become recently affordable.
All digitally on server recorded camera raw material is available for the respective production immediately on raids or HDDs.

Multicamera editing but will only be successful through the use of multicamera EDLs with all live cuts and transitions in there sequences. Possibly only through the generated Edit Decision Lists (EDLs):

  • the cumbersome and time-consuming searching for cuts will be saved
  • Simplification of the reconstruction / shortening of sequences in post-production
  • better survey of the entire production by an excellent multiviewer overview

Workflow of the past:

X Camera-tracks & 1 Program-track had to be sorted and synchronized,
Ins & Outs of "faults“ had to be searched and marked,
repair patches searched, checked for the appropriate length and also marked.

This procedure is no longer up to date with the ever-present time and cost pressures no longer state of the art.

Workflow today:

Immediate, overseeable and time-saving work with
1 Multicameraclipsequence/-linecut incl. all cuts & transitions from the EDL-REC.

With the use of the EDL-recorder, the tedious, manual and time-consuming reverse engineering of complete sequences in the usual form is eliminated. Instead, it is now possible: with a simple push of a button the edit suite becomes a directors room.

Chess instead of puzzles.



Saving money, time and nerves!

Main Applications

The EDL-Recorder approves mainly in the following formats:

  • Talk
  • Show
  • Concert