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The transition from tapes to file-based recording of all cameras in a multi-camera production and its subsequent post-production has become affordable in recent years. All the recorded camera raw footage can now be made available for the subsequent post-production using server raids or HDDs.

Multi-camera editing will only be successful through the use of multi-camera EDLs. Multi-camera EDLs store information about all live cuts, transitions, and camera angles, something that the earlier and simpler EDL’s did not do.

Only with the live generated edit decision lists from EDL-REC are:

  • The cumbersome and time-consuming searching for cuts saved.
  • The reconstruction / trimming of sequences in post-production simplified.
  • The best use of your editor’s multi-viewer overview features possible.

Workflow of the past:

X Camera-tracks & 1 Program-track had to be sorted and synchronized;
Ins & Outs ‘faults’ had to be manually searched and marked;
Repair footage manually searched, and then checked for appropriate length before being marked.

This procedure is no longer viable with current time and cost pressures. It is also no longer considered state of the art.

Today’s Workflow:

Requires immediate, time saving and often collaborative work with
1 Multi-camera clip and sequence complete with all the live show cuts & transitions information is now automatically provided with the EDL-recorder.

By using the EDL-recorder, the tedious, manual and time-consuming job of reverse engineering the used and unused recorded video footage is eliminated. Instead, it is now possible, with a simple push of a button, for the edit suite to become a director’s room.

Chess instead of puzzles.



Saving money, time and Hassle!

Advantages for a faster, superior and more efficient post-production:

• Compatible with AVID Media Composer® as multicamera AAF .aaf (Win/Mac)

• Adobe Premiere® as multicamera XML .xml (Win/Mac)

• Apple Final Cut 7® as multicamera XML .xml

• Grass Valley Edius®, Apple Final Cut X® and further formats on demand

• Independent of recording medium and format – Servers, disks, VTRs, field recorders, etc.

• Works on all vision mixers with tally-light outputs: 5-48 volts, relay and/or open-collector outputs with a common base

• Quick and straightforward to connect, easy to operate

• Quick and simple to configure

• Devices with 3 to 32 channels available (to expand these can be unlocked at any time)

• Quick and easy all the way to post-production

• Relinking within seconds

• Timecode-synchronous event recording accurate to < 1 ms

• All tally-light functions are preserved

• Once configured your settings remain forever until changed

• Reliability guaranteed with internal redundant recording and UPS

• Built for use in tough OB day-to-day working environments

• 3 years guarantee / service of a replacement device / 10 years availability of spare parts

• Future-proof technology